Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (1)
Mobile Emulation support (7)
Code editor should have multiple files in tabs (4)
Feature for maximize code window (4)
Add option to take Relative File path/Absolute File path from files (6)
Terminal window should open within the Webtestit application itself (3)
Captured Element Twice (2)
Menu items shortcuts need to have symbols instead of text (4)
How to debug in Ranorex webtestit (4)
Selenium Grid logo shall be used in remote browser configuration section and Execution panel (2)
When user navigates using the arrow keys in the commit history tab the action is similar to page up/ page down (2)
Commit History tab opens relevant version once you double click a version (2)
User should be able to restart Webtestit (4)
Autocomplete should be available in POM.xml (4)
Screenshots on failures shall be included (4)
Source-Control and more support for teams (3)
Function Show/Hide (4)
Function View Word Wrap (4)
Debugging shall be improved (8)
Capture and show the screenshot in the report (2)
Renaming PO and Tests do not refactor the associated code (5)
License agreement : I agree button shall be enabled when user has read the agreement (2)
How to use endpoints from remote machines (4)
Browser icons shall be preserved for the archived test reports (5)
Estimated time for upgrade/downloading shall be indicated (4)
Ability to run multiple instance of webtestit (3)
Login verification process shall be done in the background (2)
Opera is not listed properly in endpoint list (4)
Forgot password feature shall be included into the webtestit sign in (2)
Save All option is not available to save all the changes (4)