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About the Help request category (1)
Image preview for the page object files needs to be removed (2)
Link in reset password is incorrect (3)
Cannot view the items in the CODE window's context menu (2)
"Show report" footer cut the autocomplete (2)
Elements drag view shall be improved (2)
Stop and shutdown options shall be available (2)
Cannot define fallback selector when XPath strategy is selected (2)
XPath and CSS syntax validation shall be available in element definition window (2)
Height of the message input box in crash report dialog shall be increased (2)
Order of the keys in shortcuts shall be consistent throughout the system (4)
It should be possible to optimize the imports (7)
Screenshot tooltip shall have enlarged view when mouse is moved over the eye icon (7)
It is possible to close a project when tests are being executed (4)
Run all test files button is animated when Run test file is selected from context menu (4)
Caption Close shall be used in project path deletion confirmation popup instead of Ok (5)
Quick open does not open PO and Test Files (4)
Project does not exist dialog is not closed when ESC button is clicked (2)
Vertical scrolling in the report panel is difficult (2)
Test Report : Horizontal scrollbar is available in the report view (2)
Webtestit new version downloading progress display is incorrect (3)
Get started panel : Checkmarks are disabled for the new projects (6)
New versions are downloaded without user's knowledge (4)
Message in dialog shall be changed to for a single file when Webtestit is quitted with a unsaved file (2)
Tests on IE and Edge fails (6)
Google chrome browser shall be opened when Edit with Ranorex Selecity button is clicked (4)
How-To topics : Tooltip "Enter a command" shall be changed appropriately in search input box (7)
Get started : Completed tutorial is not check marked green (4)
Tooltip for the open remote project link shall be defined (3)
Get started : Overview button shall be disabled when the overview window is opened (3)