Help request

Get started : Add endpoint tutorial shall be updated to match with the latest version (2)
Incorrect tooltips appear on sample project download and open button (2)
How-To topics : Reset option shall be available in search input box (2)
How-To topics : Full topic name shall be available in the tool tip (3)
How-To topics : Topics list shall be groped or sorted by alphabetical order (2)
How-To topics : Search shall be done by the typed words (2)
How-To topics : Question marks shall be used for topics with questions (2)
Shift shall be used instead of symbol on windows (2)
Restarting Webtestit shall be available (2)
Standard shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA and Webtestit are not comparable (3)
Appropriate keys' symbols shall be used (3)
Shortcuts shall be disabled when shortcuts are being defined (2)
Reset keybinding and Remove keybinding options should be readily available to the user (2)
Get nth element text and Get element text shall return a String instead of Page Object (3)
Git Integration : Default action shall be Cancel in Discard changes (2)
File delete from context menu should have a confirmation as it cannot be undone (2)
Folder tooltip shall have a more meaningful text (2)
Git Integration : Compared to option shall be disabled for files yet to be committed (2)
Git Integration : It would be better if user can compare with a selected version when an item is double clicked (2)
Test result statistics in report window are incorrect when test are run with misconfigurations (2)
User shall be able to run tests in a package (4)
Run test in diagnostic mode for selected test execute all the failed test cases in diagnostic mode (4)
New dependencies are not added when pom.xml file is saved (6)
We shall have consistence on terms we used in RanoraxWT (4)
RanorexWT should have consistency on the terms used (5)
Endpoint shall be corrected as Endpoint in Custom endpoint tab name (4)
User cannot use "IGNORE" and "REMOVE UNUSED" button if project have multiple unused screenshots (6)
How to automate native android app using Ranorex (3)
Remote browser settings are not saved (3)
Selenium Gird Integration documentation is not available (5)