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Height of the message input box in crash report dialog shall be increased (7)
User should be able to toggle on and off the minimap on the Code Window (7)
Can not locate Code Lens Feature in Typescript project (5)
JIRA Integration : Bug report shall be improved (3)
Screenshot on failure shall have error info and user should be able to open the screenshot (6)
Code lens widget for run test(s) shall be disabled when tests are being executed (2)
Inclusive/exclusive and before/after hooks shall be available for TS projects (2)
Error is displayed when a JIRA issue is created from a failed test case (8)
Ranorex Selocity - IFrame Support Issue - Can not capture Iframe (3)
Code lens feature : Placement of the widgets are not consistent (2)
Description in the open sample project dialog shall be in one line (2)
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User should be able to create a new page of with elements and screenshots automatically (2)
Install Ranorex Selocity now dialog is not necessary if user is already connected to Selocity (2)
‘show whitespace changes’ option doesn't work (5)
Issues with saving default base path (2)
Add sub menu items to select colour theme (2)
Preference Dialog : Feature requests (4)
Get nth element text and Get element text shall return a String instead of Page Object (5)
Name of screenshots attached on the release note at the startup of Webtestit once upgraded should be meaningful (3)
Label custom shall be changed as capabilities in Local End Points configuration window (2)
Restarting Webtestit shall be available (6)
Hyperlink is not working in Webtestit User Guide (5)
Git Integration : Untracked files shall have tooltip suffix Untracked instead of New (2)
Chrome driver should not be updated (4)
Colour of the file not changed after the file committed using GIT (4)
Duplicate test names linter rule - Colour Issue (4)
Error after the deleting the reports/screenshot folder shall be informative enough to fix the issue (6)
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