Add option to set ' Default Page Object Name' in the Preferences > Project Settings



There is a option to add ‘Default Test Name’ in Project Settings window. But no option available for Default Page Object Name.


Hello @manoj.madusanka, thank you for this feedback!

To clear up any confusion first, the “Default Test Name” setting is used for the individual test cases, not test files. (In Java that would be the methods of a test class, while in TypeScript it would be the it("should...", …) blocks.)

File names do not have configurable default values currently, regardless of their type, to encourage users to choose good names for them, but the same point could be made about test cases, of course. Same as with test cases, there might be value in having default names configurable, e.g. to establish a certain naming convention/guideline within projects.

We will definitely discuss this internally. Additional input from you on the matter would be welcome, to help us build a solution that benefits everyone.