After new update webtestit is not responsive as earlier



as day by day our project is getting more numbers of code. but the problem is responsiveness of webtestit is really poor, it stuck most of the time. like 5 minutes works takes more than half an hour some times. sometimes it forces us to restart webtestit but after 2-3 test runs we are facing same issue again and again. hope this will be fixed soon.


Hello @lohitN,
we are currently investigating the issue.
It would be really helpful if you can give us a bit more information about your setup, like which OS are you using and the spec of the computer that is having the issue. Also would be interesting to know if you are having the same issue on other computers.


Windows 10 64bit , Intel core i7 2.6 GHz, 32 GB ram.

colleagues are using same specs, even they are facing same issues.


@lohitN can you also tell me which language are you using in your project (java, typescript, python)?


we are using protractor with typescript.



If you see the attached Image it clearly shows that more than 80% of CPU is used by Ranorex Webtestit, at this time webtestit doesn’t responds. Please look at the issue and fix it ASAP.