Automatically create a ticket in Jira for a failed test


Is it possible to have the option that a failed test automatically creates a ticket in Jira? We have 500+ regression tests that I am going to automate and it would be nice to kick off a set of tests and not have to go into each one that failed and create a ticket manually. Perhaps an option on the test case that could be toggled depending on whether you are developing the test versus running in production?


Hey @jmsc7ran,

thats a very interesting request and one we’ve been thinking about in the begin when developing this feature. On the one hand I can see the benefit of not having to go into 500+ and do a manual creation, on the other though it might result in 500+ spam tickets created by accident just because you’ve tried out a testrun locally with modified conditions. So even if we hide this option behind a project wide setting you’d still run danger to screw up your Jira project.

Now what I’m thinking of is maybe a middle ground. So lets say when you start a test and end up in the report, what if instead of having to click individual buttons per testcase, you’d have a single button to “bulk create jira issues”. That would, when clicked, launch a dialog and show you a list of all tickets to be created, where perhaps you’d once more get the chance to tick of individual ones and quickly toggle all on/off.

Would something like that be able to solve your use-case?

Also I’m not sure I fully understood your last sentence with toggle based on whether a test is under active construction vs production. How and where would you envision to set that “flag”? Or lets put it differently, what indicators could Webtestit use to make that decision?


Agree, a project wide setting could create havoc in Jira if you make a change that affects multiple test cases negatively. Ah, but where to put the setting… one solution could be:
A setting in the drop down menu when you right click on a test case. If you click “Update Jira automatically” it puts a small icon next to the test case to indicate you have selected that option. Then when you right click on the test case the option would be “Update Jira manually” if you want to turn that off and remove the icon. You could even extend that ability to a folder that contains several test cases so you could control it at the folder level. The documentation could stress that you should only use that option once you have fully de-bugged the test case and plan to run it on some regular basis to do regression testing.
The next challenge would be how to indicate which failed test cases opened a ticket automatically. This is where your middle ground solution would come in nicely. You could have a link to display the list of failed test cases and highlight ones that opened a ticket automatically. The other failed test cases could have an option next to them to open a ticket once you have researched the failure.

I would like to add that I evaluated a lot of automation framework tools and this one is by far a very nice comprehensive solution. Plus the fact that you are so willing to take suggestions and actually consider them is very refreshing.


Hello @jmsc7ran!
thank you for the nice feedback on Ranorex Webtestit. Any constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome here :slight_smile:
Regarding your feature request, we will discuss this topic more internally, and let you know about the outcome, or if some more info/input is needed from your side.
Kind regards!


Hey there @jmsc7ran,

thanks for the kind words. We’ve just returned from this years Selenium Conf in London and funny enough I had a visitor asking for something very similar you have, with a few side-features. So we’re now loaded with tons of info, will circle up together and see what we can brainstorm.