Blank report is created when tests are executed without any endpoints



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.20.1

A blank report is created when tests are executed without any and points.

Test execution shall be aborted immediately
Report generation is not required. If created useful information shall be included
Execution panel shall be opened for user to configure end points


hi @janesh!
Thank you for noticing this, did you run the test via context menu from the code, with no endpoints selected? We will take a look at this!


Hi @smatijas
Yes, it happens when a test method is run from context menu.

Following are the other observations

  1. Run options are disabled from Execution panel as expected
  2. Running test file from context menu is enabled. When test file is executed test is aborted with an appropriate informative message in a popup windows and test is aborted. No report is generated. Ideally the option in the menu shall be disabled when there is no end point configured.


Fixed- test can not be executed in any way without an endpoint added.

closed #5