Bug Report - 7.2.2020, 10:02:03


I just tried to register the first test.

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Could you please describe to us the issue that you are facing, by providing the steps that you made before the issue occurred?
There might be several causes for the issue that you are having. Ranorex Webtestit requires proper setup of prerequisites, and network access for downloading the dependencies needed for the project creation (webDrivers, jars, etc.) Here are some topics on how to set up the environment:

Setting up JDK for Ranorex Webtestit

Setting up Python and PiP

Setting up Node and npm – Please try to update your Node and npm to the latest version

And also, if you are behind a corporate proxy server or have and firewall/antivirus blocking Ranorex Webtestit to access the internet, you need to whitelist it.

Check out this topic on how to set up Ranorex Webtestit behind a corporate proxy

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