Can not locate Code Lens Feature in Typescript project



Went trying to use the code lens feature released in version 1.0.1 ( Release notes v1.0.1) in a typescript project. Was not able to use as it was not available. As below screenshots show:

Whereas, the below hyperlinks to commands can be found in a java project:


We shall document in the release note that this feature is available for Java only if it is not possible to implement the feature in typescript.


@janesh, @maleeshpiyaratne

It is odd that you are not seeing CodeLens in the test files in TypeScript projects, as it is supported there. Thanks to this report, we found that the CodeLens does not always refresh correctly, and you may have run into one of these edge cases. Can you try to reload the project, or switching to a different file? It would be particularly helpful, if you could find a reliable way to reproduce this issue, as we have not yet found the real issue.

We will look into this in more detail, and hope to provide a fix with the next release.

About other code files: yes, the feature to show the reference count, is only available in Java in version 1.0.1, and we have missed to point this out in the release notes. However, we were aware of this limitation and have already finished work on the Reference CodeLens for TypeScript, which will be released with the next version. Additionally, we will introduce an option to disable CodeLens for those users who feel distracted by it.


@janesh @maleeshpiyaratne
CodeLens Feature is now supported in TypeScript project with the new 1.2.0 release :slight_smile:

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