Cannot run tests with Selenium Grid


Reporting against version 0.20.0

It was not possible to run tests against browsers connected to Selenium grid


  1. Start selenium-grid hub
  2. Start a node and register with hub
  3. Open a sample java project in web test it
  4. Create remote end points by fetching the desired capabilities from loaded items

  1. Run the test against the remote end-point


Hi @janesh!
I want able to reproduce the issue. Can you maybe try out some other hub or a different endpoint?


The Browserversion looks interesting, do you have other options instead of default offered in the third dropdown besides Default?


I have only default browsers loaded.
Hub and node were running locally on my Mac.
It detected chrome, safari and Firefox. Version default were loaded. No specific version was available.

Also if did not detect Opera.


Hi @janesh
This was fixed with the new release :slight_smile:

closed #6