Cannot view the items in the CODE window's context menu



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.26.0

Steps to produce:

  1. Upgrade Webtestit to 0.26.0 on MacBook Air

  2. Download sample java project

  3. Add following test into an existing test (

     	public void testCaseSkipException(){
     			System.out.println("Im in skip exception");
     			throw new SkipException("Skipping this exception");

SkipException will be highlighted in red as it is not imported to the file yet.

  1. Bring the mouse over SkipException (highlighted in red)
  2. Click on the bulb icon in the left to open the context menu


It is difficult to view and select the items in the top of the list.


Hi @janesh!
Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you are right, same as in this post there is an issue with context menu getting cut off in some scenarios. We are happy to tell you that this is already in our backlog and will be fixed with the upcoming release :slight_smile:

Release notes v0.27.0