Can't login in 0.16 (Network behind a proxy)


Our network is setup behind a proxy, so I assume that’s the issue here. Is it possible to run the app with execution command/parameter trough our proxy? Unfortunately, I’m not able to change the Environment Variables in Advanced System Properties as it’s mentioned in this thread How to use Webtestit behind a proxy


HI @milan.dugovic!
Thank you for your feedback. Currently, it is required to set the https_proxy environment variable for Webtestit. You can try following:
In the command prompt (CMD) type in following command:
SET HTTPS_PROXY=http://username:[email protected]:portNumber && "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\rxse-app\Ranorex Webtestit.exe"
Let us know if you succeeded.
Kind regards,


It’s working now! Thank you
@RxAdmin please add this step to your article, it came really handy How to use Webtestit behind a proxy

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