Change DTD-URL to HTTPS for testng.xml



The generated file “testng.xml” in src/test/resources always detects “a problem” (if opened) because changed the DTD URL to use HTTPS. So it has to be changed to “”.


Hi @maxmustermann!
Thank you for the heads up! Yes there seems to be an issue regarding this. We will take a look and see what can we do about it.


Hello @smatijas,
there is another strange thing:
I have two test classes. Each of them executed separately (via “Run current test file”) are working well and produce a report. When I correct the DTD url to HTTPS and try to “Run all test files” build fails with message “Couldn’t update test report”.
Revert testng.xml to HTTP makes the reporting work again. But then the DTD is not longer validating.


Hello again! Thank you for you feedback, we were able to reproduce the issue, and we are looking into it. I will keep you updated on this.
Kind regards