Code editor shall be improved


Webtestit code editor does not allow user to increase the width to see full line in single view.
User has to scroll horizontally to view the entire line.(referring to the sample project code)

Also it is not possible to remove the project tree view and the pane in the middle.


Hi @janesh,

could you tell us your screen resolution and monitor size. Additionally it would be helpful to know whether you’ve set the screen scaling to anything other than 100% (see screenshot below for Windows).



>>could you tell us your screen resolution and monitor size
HP LV1911 18.5-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor
Resolution 1366X768

Scale and layout is already set to 100% by default.


With the advent of maximized panels and being able to re-arrange tabs we think this should be done. Additionally automatic word-wraps had been introduced a while ago

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