Code editor should have multiple files in tabs


In current code editor window only one file is opened. When a file is opened current file disappear.

It is better if user can have access to the previously opened files through the code editor itself.
User should be able to Close current, close all, close Others, Close unmodified etc
I trust this is already considered for the UI improvement.


Hi @janesh,

yes we did think about that, but had to decide against going this direction for now, since a lot of further complexities with the UX need to be solved prior to this. Pretty similar to VSCode this feature typically is added at a later time once the other basic parts are around.

We do hope to make quick enough progress to revisit to this topic again soon


Hi again @janesh!
With our new v1.3.0 release, the multiple code editor tabs feature is now supported! Make sure to check it out :slight_smile:

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