Code navigation using F12 is not consistent all the time



1)If I had opened multiple pages(tab) in webtestit, if I try to navigate to one of the method or function by pressing F12 key, we are redirected to different page or redirected to already opened page which is not related to that method.
2) initially after opening the webtestit app if I try to open multiple pages with multiple tabs(i.e multiple test suits file), previous tab is overridden i.e. new test suits is not opened with new tab.


Hello @lohitN,

thanks for reporting those issues.
I tried reproducing the first issue, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way. Would you mind describing the problem a little more detailed and maybe also add information about which OS and programming language you use?

Concerning the second issue, I am not sure what you exactly mean with multiple pages and multiple test suite files. Could you please clarify that?
If you are talking about opening multiple files at the same time (so multiple tabs), it is the default behavior that a single click on the file opens the tab in a transient state or “preview state”. If you want to keep the file open, double click the file or tab (or start typing in that file).

Best regards.



I’m using Windows 10 64bit , Intel core i7 2.6 GHz, 32 GB ram, protractor with Typescript.

Regarding second issue, yeah the solution is clear for me. Thanks.



alright, thanks for the information. We will try to reproduce the issue and we will get back to you.

I’m glad I could help.
Best regards.