Colour of the file not changed after the file committed using GIT



Reporting with Webtestit version 1.1.0

I’m using Ubuntu OS. I committed file using GIT.But colour of the file not changed.
I have attached video links for further reference to this feature.


In your video, I can see that you have a .git folder within your pageobjects folder, and you have committed to that one. Have you accidentally called git init within this folder?

Ranorex Webtestit projects expect that the .git folder is in the project’s root.

When you use git init, please only do it in the project’s root folder or higher up.
You can then use git commit from anywhere within the project.

To fix the issue for this project, just delete the .git folder inside the pageobjects folder.


Thank You @matthias
Your explanation is clear and understandable.

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