Command Line execution skipping tests


We are attempting to troubleshoot running webtestit from the command line in a bat file. we are having issues:
“C:\Users\AutoTestSA\AppData\Local\Programs\webtestit\Ranorex Webtestit.exe” run --report-file-destination=“C:\testresults” “C:\jenkins\workspace\SEP 2019”


skipped tests and no runs. What are we doing wrong?



Hi @micheleaz!
This is most likely due an error in the test setup, or a page object file, dependencies unable do download etc. Is there any console output describing the error? Have you tried running the test in the GUI mode to see if the project setup is ok. Other than this, I can not see a problem in your CL command.
Also, you could try to run one of our sample projects this way (make a bat file with the command for running the project and try to run it in the command line) to see if that works, and if it is, there is something in the project setup that needs to be fixed.


Hi @smatijas

Yes, there is no problem at all with the tests in GUI mode. I am going to zip the project up and send it to you to take a look.