Conflicts between Webtestit and Jenkins on the same server


We appear to have a conflict between Webtestit and Jenkins. It appears as if they can not live on the same server. We are running Windows Server 2016. When we installed Webtestit on the server because we need it there to be able to build, Jenkins stopped working because it requires the Oracle version of the Java JDK. We could not get Webtestit to work with the Oracle version of the JDK and had to install OpenJDK instead. Therefore, Webtestit and Jenkins can not be on the same machine. Do you have any idea WHY Webtestit requires the OpenJDK version and cannot use the Oracle version?


Hello @micheleaz
Ranorex Webtestit does not explicitly require the OpenJDK version. Like said in this post about setting up JDK, since the Oracle version of JDK version 8 is now subject to new licensing terms, and therefore the OpenJDK is recommended.
Ranorex Webtestit works with Oracle versions, and it should not be a problem using the OracleJDK13. Please take a look at the above-mentioned post where environment variables are set, and check if you have the same setup. Also, please make sure that you have the%SystemRoot%\system32 set in your System Path environment variable, and try to create a Java project again.
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Hello @smatijas
Basically, as I stated, it will not work with the Oracle version of the JDK. We performed all the checks above, including the environment variables, and it still is not working. I am still getting the JavaC error. Please note that this is Windows Server 2016.I understand that you say it is supposed to work, but it isn’t… Any other ideas? The Only way we can get this to work is to use the OpenJDK version, which is incompatible with Jenkins.


Hi @micheleaz!
Strange, because I couldn’t reproduce your error even on windows server 2016 on both, open and oracle versions of Java.
As far as Jenkins Java requirements in the official Jenkins documentation OpenJDK versions 8 and 11 are supported, maybe try to add them as JDK from inside Jenkins?
Also could you please do the following:
Could you please send us the Ranorex Webtestit log file. The log file is located under C:\Users\yourUsername.webtestit\log so that we could take a closer look at the possible error. You can send it at [email protected] email address.


Hi! We have back burnered this by spinning up additional servers to accommodate Webtestit’s limitations.