Couldn't Detect JavaC


I have set up a second dev environment and am having trouble with Webtestit. I downloaded and installed JDK13. I pointed JAVA_HOME to the correct path. And I still get the error. Could it be something with JDK13? I don’t have this problem on my other machine but it has JDK 12 installed. Please note that eclipse is working on the same machine with Java projects so Java is technically working.


Hello @micheleaz!
Actually, It shouldn’t be a problem to use Ranorex Webtestit with JDK13.
Could you try to set the JDK12 that works on your other machine in the same way, to check if this is something related to the actual version of JDK?
Make sure that you have the %SystemRoot%\system32 set in your System Path environment variable.


Hi. I used the openJDK and all problems cleared up. It was just the fact that it was the Oracle version of the JDK that it didn’t like…

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