Creating Jenkins Job with Webtestit-- Do we have to specify the location of the json file?


We are studying and following the instructions here :Running Ranorex Webtestit in Jenkins for Continuous Integration to get Jenkins and Webtestit set up to work together. However we have a question-- Do we have to set the locations of the enpoints.json file? IE this this part of the windows batch command required:


Hello @micheleaz!
The -endpoints-config command is optional. In order to execute your tests, you only need to specify the path to Ranorex Webtestit application and that of your project with the -run command.
When specifying Jenkins batch/shell build step, you are providing the command
Webtesit app path -run [options] -your project path
the[options] part is optional, for example, if you want to customize the run and provide an alternative endpoints file, set alternative report file generation path, etc.
You can see the list of those optional commands here.


Hey @micheleaz,

if you don’t specify the endpoints-config argument, Webtestit will try to automatically make use of the file default.endpoints.json. So that one has to be present in this case.