Creating new Python Project hangs on Installing Dependencies…


I’m just trying to set up my first Webtestit Python project but when I click save it just hangs on Installing Dependencies… - any suggestions?

Windows 10 64-bit desktop PC
Webtestit 1.10
Python 3.8.1 installed - Path added to env
Java 8 installed


Hello @act234!
Could you please check if pip is installed on your system and added to the path (make sure that ..\python3.8.x\scripts is added to your path variable).
Also, Ranorex Webtestit needs to download the required dependencies from external sources, so if you are using Ranorex Webtestit behind a proxy please take a look at this article or there might be a firewall blocking the access to make sure to whitelist it if that is the case.

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