Debugging shall be improved



Reporting against v0.6.0

As a user I would like to access the script with error from the error message.

In the current implementation of the webtestit does not provide an easy way to locate the file causing the error or failure. It will be harder for a user to


Hi @janesh

thanks for the feedback, we’ve added it to our backlog


Thanks and appreciated.


You now can CtrlCmd click on an issue and directly jump to the failing section in the code editor with the latest release


I’m using version 0.10.0 but can’t seem to get jumping from results to the test when I have an error to work.
I’m on Windows.
Is it from the results report, or from the Log pane? I’ve tried CNTRL-click, Alt-click etc. on the error from both but it does not take me to the test class where the error occurred?


Hi @tommillichamp!

The Ctrl+Click works from the log panel, if you got, for example, compilation errors.
Currently we don’t have the “Jump to failed test” feature implemented yet, but it’s already our backlog, and will be implemented in an upcoming version.

So stay tuned and thanks for your feedback,


@janesh @tommillichamp Fixed with the new 0.12.0 release - jump to test case feature is now available!

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