Drag POM Methods into Test Classes


Just started today with Webtestit - great product.
when I have a POM open, I like the way it shows the elements in the panel that I can then just drag into my POM to create Methods. I can see the Methods listed in the top panel, is there a way to just drag those into your test classes, I can’t see one, by might be missing something. This would be a nice feature, get it to write the instantiation of the POM for you and the Method call?


HI @tommillichamp,

thank you for your feedback. No, at the moment we don’t provide the functionality to drag PO actions into the test code. But we are investigating how to provide real value in the test creation step.

One the one hand we have this instantiation code which is boilerplate. I totally see the point that Webtestit can provide support for this. But after this is done, there is the code auto-completion which lets you easily call the methods of the page object. How could Webtestit provide additional support in that step?


closing this due to lack of feedback

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