Error running from command line - newer version


When I attempt to execute a test from the command line, I get a message that states, “The version of Ranorex Webtestit is newer than that of your project. Please open your project in Ranorex Webtestit to migrate it to the newest version.”

I’ve opened the project in Webtestit and checked for updates, but there aren’t any. How can I get past this error?



Hello @ohrnsk,
this error should only appear if there is a mismatch between project and Webtestit version.
You can check the project version inside the webtestit.json file, it should be “1.11.0” and the same value should be in the Webtestit top bar.
Do you get the same error if you run the tests inside Webtestit instead?
When you get the error are you running the test from command line on your machine or is part of some CI task running on a different server?


Hi, thanks for the info. My version numbers were out of sync (webtestit.json said 1.10.0). Once I changed it, I was able to start my tests from the command line.