Errors in sample project's protractor.conf.js file


Reporting against Webtestit version 0.20.1

I am in the middle of configuring Webtestit for getting screenshots on failures.
Errors were noted in protractor.conf.js file (highlighted in red in code editor)

Can I proceed with them?

It was possible to execute the tests in sample project successfully.


Hi @janesh!
Yes, you can proceed. The error indicators in the protractor.conf.js is something that we are aware of, and have this in our backlog.
Thank you for the info!


What is the exact location to place the plugin in protractor.conf.js ?
Appreciate if you can give it with surrounding tags.


Hi @janesh!
you can place it under the const configuration, at the end

const configuration = {
plugins: [{
package: ‘jasmine2-protractor-utils’,
disableHTMLReport: true,
disableScreenshot: false,
screenshotPath: ‘./reports/screenshots’,
screenshotOnExpectFailure: true,
screenshotOnSpecFailure: true,
htmlReportDir: ‘./reports/htmlReports’
} ;

you can find more examples here


Thx @janesh for pointing this out. Its super important that our best practice guides/contents are clear enough so that the user find enough information, or at least links to further material, without having to do a manual search or ask in the forum.

@smatijas lets update the referenced docs with more information for the plugin section with the additional information.


Documentation updated and protractor.conf.jserrors resolved

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