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Dear Ranorex technical Support, Good morning!

I have testcases that are imported from TestRail and I can see them.  Example:

// Additional data: {“testrail”:{“case_id”:46311,“suite_id”:139}}
it(‘Start Flow- PB and Logo’, async () => {
// Put your testcode in here
// Use the M3 Photo Kiosk or find a print out the m3 Photo station QR code and scan in.

await new MscHomePo().open(START_PAGE_URL);


Question is, how do I see the results back in TestRail? So far, I do not see anything back at TestRuns for these executions.

SentryId: 186fc3961e234cd3ad860958c4025047

Email: [email protected]

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Private email with how to article (Getting started with TestRail) sent


solved with THE article :trophy:

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