Get started panel : Checkmarks are disabled for the new projects



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

Check marks are in gray for the newly created projects even though the getting started tutorials were completed with the previous project.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a sample Java project
  2. Complete few tutorial and check completed tutorials are marked green (checkmarks )
  3. Close the project
  4. Create a new Java project
  5. Check the GETTING STARTED panel


As a user once the tutorial is covered there is no need to complete the tutorial again. Hence Tutorial shall be marked as completed (green checkmarks) for every new project.


Hi @janesh!
Nice catch. Makes sense that checkmarks status should be preserved even on new projects. We will take a look on this


Hi @janesh! I’m weighing in as a developer of Ranorex Webtestit.

The behavior you describe here, is the intended behavior: the checkmarks indicate the status of your current project, since version 0.23.0.

The idea was to assist users every time they create a new project, not only the first time. You might not usually create many projects in a row after all, and a refresher never hurts when starting something new :slight_smile:

Still, if you have understood the checkmarks to represent the user’s learning progress, instead of the project status, we should look into communicating the actual intention more clearly with the design. It would help if you could tell us, if you expected the checkmarks to be persisted because they were so previously, or if there was genuine confusion, so that we can react accordingly.

Thank you for this, and also all the other great feedback so far!


Also following was noticed in new TypeScript projects on Windows 10

First and third tutorials were checkmarked green for new TypeScript projects.


@janesh Hello again :slight_smile:
Can you please try to reproduce this once again, so try to create a fresh, blank TS project, and let us know the outcome. If the issue persists could you please provide the screencast like you did on some other posts.
Thank you!


This was not reproducible

closed #7