Getting started with TestRail


Precondition: On TestRail activate “Enable API” under Administration -> Site settings -> API

To connect your TestRail account with Ranorex Webtestit, open up your project and from the main menu click Ranorex Webtestit/File -> Preferences -> TestRail integration
In the preferences dialog, enter your TestRail’s profile URL. Click the Connect button and enter your credentials when prompted. After this, if the URL and credentials are valid, you should notice the green Connected status in the dialog.

You can specify the Project ID in the dialog, and if you leave this field blank, you will choose the project from the list of your available TestRail projects in the import dialog.

After you save the changes, an import icon should be available above the project tree. Click this icon to open up the import dialog and proceed to import your project. This icon is only available if you connect your TestRail account with Ranorex Webtestit.

Clicking on the Import button will open the import dialog where you can select the project from the dropdown. The tests are grouped and contained in the projects suites, sections, and sub-sections.

The imported test file contains some additional information about the caseID and suiteID to link the test case to TestRail and a direct link for opening the test case in your browser. If there are test steps available, they will be formatted and shown in the test file as comments.

After you are done with test executions, and you want to export the results back to your TestRail account, simply open the report and click on the Export to TestRail icon. Please note that only test cases already linked to a TestRail project can be exported.

You can choose to export the test case in a new test-run of your project. Choose the desired format, hit the Upload button and you are done!

Get started with JIRA documentation is not opened when link in Report window is clicked
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