Help > Getstarted (dead link)



Reporting against Renorex V0.20.0

Steps to reproduce
Getstarted link is not working.

Go to “Help” then “Getstarted”

Expected result:
Link should direct user to somewhere.

Actual result:
Link is dead.


Hi @PiumalPTL
The Help --> Get started should open a Getting started panel inside the app. Could you make a screenshot or a quick video as you did for the licence stuff, so that we can see whats happening here ?
thank you!


Hi @smatijas chk this



yep, that is the get started panel that is already opened in the app :slight_smile:

If you close that panel and hit Help–> Get started again, you will notice it


He @PiumalPTL!
The get started panel gets highlighted now so you cant miss it anymore :slight_smile:
Introduced withthe new 0.21.0 release

closed #6