How-To topics : Tooltip "Enter a command" shall be changed appropriately in search input box



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

Tool tip in the search input box of the How to topics dialog box shall be more meaningful

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a sample project in WT
  2. Press F1 function key to open following dialog
  3. Check the tool tip in the search input box

Enter a command is not user-friendly .


Hi @janesh!
As we are talking about the “Command menu” here, we decided that the text should be “Enter a command” as the main purpose of this menu is to quickly call some commands / functions in the code.


What would you propose instead @janesh



  1. No tool tip. i.e Blank
  2. Enter a command or Search text


How about something along the lines:

Start typing to search for a command or help article ?


Thanks for the consideration
This looks complete . Is it possible to make this shorter and give same meaning.



I definitely think so. We’ll discuss this internally and see with what we can come up

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