How to use Ranorex Webtestit behind a proxy


If you use a proxy server or firewall, you have to set the https_proxy environment variable in order to allow Ranorex Webtestit to access external services. You can do this either by setting the environment variables on your machine, using the preferences dialog from within the application or by manually editing the settings.json file from outside the application.

Setting up the system environment variables

  • Set the https_proxy variable with the hostname or IP address of the proxy server:
  • If the proxy server requires a user name and password, include them in the following form:
    https_proxy=http://username:[email protected]
  • If the proxy server uses a port other than 80, include the port number:
    https_proxy=http://username:[email protected]:8080

Similarly, http_proxy is for HTTP protocol communication.


  • Open the Control Panel and click the System icon.
  • The System Properties dialog is displayed.
  • On the Advanced tab, click on Environment Variables.
  • The Environment Variables dialog is displayed.
  • Click New in the System variables panel.
  • The New System Variable dialog is displayed.
  • Add https_proxy with the appropriate proxy information (see examples above).

Mac / Linux

Set the https_proxy environment variable using the command specific to your shell (e.g. set or export).
To make this change persistent, add the command to the appropriate profile file for the shell.
For example, in bash, add a line like the following to your .bash_profile or .bashrc file:

https_proxy=http://username:[email protected]:port;
export https_proxy;

Maven project

The scaffolded maven project needs a dedicated setting in order to use the proxy server.
In your user-home directory, you’ll find the folder .m2 with a settings.xml file ${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml.

Find here the official Maven documentation

Windows: %userprofile%/.m2/settings.xml
Mac/Linux: ~/.m2/settings.xml

Open or create the file and add the proxies section.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings xmlns=""

If you want to set up your local endpoint to use a proxy server, you can do that simply by filling out the desired capabilities field with the address and port number of your proxy

Using the preferences dialog

The easiest way is to use our preferences dialog from the applications main menu.

Enter your proxy settings in the HTTP proxy and HTTPS proxy fields and you are good to go!

Editing the settings.json file from outside the application

If you are unable to log into Ranorex Wetbtestit and need to set up your proxy values without touching the system environment variables check out this topic, describing how to accomplish this outside the application.

Here you can find additional information on proxy settings

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