I can't log in to Ranorex Webtestit


If you ever found yourself locked out of your account, and can not log in to Ranorex Webtestit, take a look at some of this troubleshooting points:

If you are behind a corporate proxy:

If your company is using a proxy, you may encounter some difficulties while logging into Ranorex Webtestit or while trying to execute your tests. Described in this topic, you can find out more about setting up Ranorex Webtestit to work behind a proxy, but what if you are unable to log in at all and need to set the proxy variables before you run the app?
In that case you can to locate the settings.json file outside Ranorex Webtestit and set the proxy values there. settings.json is located in:

MacOs: /Users/user/.webtestit/settings.json - note that .webtestit is a hidden folder by default, so you will have to hit the ( + + . ) keyboard shortcut to make hidden folders visible.

Windows: C:\Users\<username>\.webtestit\settings.json

Linux: ~/.webtestit/settings.json

The setting.json file contains your project settings in JSON format, and might look similar to this:

Now, in order to set up your http_proxy and https_proxy values, you need to enter the proxy addresses in the corresponding lines. If these lines do not yet exist in your file, add them.
Besides proxy settings here you can find various other options, but we strongly recommend to use the Preferences dialog inside Ranorex Webtestit to change your settings, whenever possible.

Check your internet connection

It may be obvious, but a bad or dropped internet connection can be the cause of a failed login. So if logging into Ranorex Webtestit takes too long or you get an error, you may want to check on your internet connection.

Still stuck?

If your issue can not be resolved with these guides, please create a Help Request, and we will help you troubleshoot as soon as possible. This will not only help you, but also other users with the same issue. We will update this troubleshooting guide with more common issues over time.