IE 11-- Unable to init web driver on grid


Hi all:
We recently had a snafu on our testing environment as IT installed a tool on the network that did some security related fixes on Edge and IE and elsewhere. I believe that this error has something to do with that-- I was wondering if there was a fix for this as far as any way to enable IE 11 to be driven by selenium or settings I need to enable on IE11…


Hello @micheleaz,
can you check if everything from this article “Setup IE in webtestit” is setup correctly on you test machine and let me know? I will investigate further in the meanwhile.


Hi. Thanks for the link. Putting those registry entries got us further than we were before. We still can not get the browser window to pop. In the command window that we have running, I can see that our test machine tries to intake the test and acknowledges the grid request, but the IE window will not pop up. I will add a screen show:


Hi We found the error. We had mis spelled our reference to the IE server driver. Once we fixed that, it worked.