Including the screenshot on failure out of the box



Reporting against version 0.20.0

Referring to the online documentation

Steps involved in the process takes time.

Is it possible to make screenshot on failure available to users out of the box.

Also user will have to repeat the configuration for every new project.

It would be better if the screenshot on failure is available out of the box.

Full webpage is not captured in takeScreenshot method

We’ve got a few feedbacks to the documentation we provided and your ones so far add on-top to them. As soon as we have addressed all concerns and feature improvements we will bake this into new projects by default. For such large features we’re likely going to follow this approach, to first let interested users test out how it works via a manual process description and if enough info and acceptance is given things get transferred as default.


Starting from Ranorex Webtestit version 1.1.0, Create screenshot on failure is a built-in feature!

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