Inclusive/exclusive and before/after hooks shall be available for TS projects



Reporting against Webtestit version 1.1.0

Following useful feature shall be integrated into the Webtestit IDE

User shall be able to configure tests exclusive/inclusive with .only and .skip
Mocha exclusive tests
Mocha inclusive tests

Also user shall be able to configure the tests with before and after hooks
Mocha hooks

Theses features shall be available with auto complete (IntelliSense ).


Hi @janesh
This is actually very simple to do. In order to have only one test from the suite executed, you only need to add “f” before the “it”. This will execute only the selected test. In order to skip the test, you just write “x” before the “it” and this will execute every test except the selected one. Same thing applies for adding the “x” and “f” in the describe block.

for example :

 fit('total amount using 3 items', async () => {
// Open the page
const overview = await new ItemsOverviewPo().open('');

// Add items to the cart
await overview.addItem1ToCart();
await overview.addItem2ToCart();
await overview.addItem3ToCart();

This is part of the Jasmine framework used in our TypeScript (Protractor) projects.
You can find out more about it here

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