Initialized GIT repo but no GIT options and no color coding


Hi. I am running 1.4.0. I recently initialized my GIT repo outside of webtestit. I can see in explorer that I have green check marks etc. However, when I open the project in web testit, I see no color coding and I don’t have the extra contextual menu options.



Hello @micheleaz!
So you don’t have any git options available in the context menu on your project files? Could you perhaps, try to download one of our sample projects available from the welcome screen, and try modifying something to see if the changes are marked and highlighted, and if there are git options (show / discard changes and compare to) available for that project?

Note that advanced features such as committing updates, merge conflict resolutions, pushing to remote upstreams. etc. aren’t yet supported with Ranorex Webtestit. Also, please note that there are limitations regarding the Git features on 32bit Windows versions

Kind regards.


Hi. I figured out the bug. Basically, lets say the user has 1 page objects file and 1 test file that PRE-EXISTS the git initialization. Then you initialize GIT and have check boxes etc in explorer. However, these files that pre-exist will not have the color coding to show GIT status. The files that are created POST GIT initialization will have color coding (red, yellow, green). How I got the color coding to show up on a file that was created PRE GIT was I had a simple change to one of the files and all of the sudden I got color. However, my page object file which is identical to what is on source still has no changes post GIT is still white as it was PRE GIT. I will add a screen shot. Basically, the file was just created thru the web test it UI, but it has not been saved nor has been pushed to the GIT repo locally nor to the GIT source location. the yellow file was a file that pre existed GIT and I added a comment in the file and resaved it. I have not pushed it to the GIT source yet.gitstatus


BTW I am on 64 bit Windows 10 with the latest service packs. I am running GIT version 2.22.0 64 bit.


Hello @micheleaz!
Have you tried refreshing the project using the refresh icon right above the project tree, after the git init has been done.
If you for example create a new project in Webtestit, and after that do a git init in the root of the project, the git color scheme wont be noticeable inside the application until you hit the refresh button and reload your current project. After that all newly adde files should be marked in green and modified in orange, etc.


Yes, I tried that, opened and closed webtestit and rebooted the machine. Nothing worked until I did the steps above that I described.


Hey @micheleaz,

just to make sure we’re following along properly. The green checkmarks from TortoiseGit indicate that the file is already commited (not necessarily pushed to remote). That means the file is in Unmodified git state.

Ranorex Webtestit will show Modified and Added file states but not Deleted (there is no file to show that on :wink: ) and Unmodified (which would be just visual clutter).

So when you modify a file, of course it changes the git state to Modified, respectively to Added if you created a new file.


The fact that it does not show a file that is committed as green is confusing. I don’t agree with the clutter comment at all. It is confusing when a visual is done of the state of the files in the solution to know if the files are included in the commit or not. This is NOT the way that Ranorex works and NOT the way that other applications work either. If Webtestit can’t tell the state of the file (committed or not) than that needs to be looked at. We are used to a certain amount of transparency in the relationship of GIT and Ranorex and would hope, one day, that Webtestit would be on the same page.


Thanks for the feedback @micheleaz.
It’s good to see your perspective on that as well and where you’re coming from with the idea. Tools we’re typically using involve VSCode on other platforms such as MacOS/Ubuntu where the “commited/unmodified” state is never highlighted. But nevertheless your opinion is definitely valid if you come from that different background. So we’ll circle up with our Designers and I’m sure we can come up with something easy enough to show that. If we implement this in a toggleble mode (so that you can turn it off in the settings) both camps (clutter vs non-clutter) will be happy :wink: