Integrate Webtestit Project



in our evaluation of Ranorex Webtestit we’d like to implement the following scenario:

  • Tester creates the test project with webtestit
  • Development integrates the project into the repository of the system under test.
  • Tester will continue working on the testproject now integrated withing the SUT-Project (sub-folder).

The issue we notice: The project has several dependencies to constants that come from webtestit. Therefore, the project cannot be built outside webtestit (without re-defining the contstants with default values).

Is this by design? Am I missing something? Thank you for your advice!

Best regards,


Hello @roland.enzinger
So if I understood it correctly, you want to execute tests made with Ranorex Webtestit and integrated into your project without having Ranorex Webtestit installed? Yes, projects made with our tool have certain dependencies and arguments that need to be set-up in order to actually run a project without having the tool itself installed, as @vsofticdescribed here and answered it your other post.


Thats true, as noted before in the linked document, we’re passing on additional information to the actual execution. This is by design as this is what makes the actual project not having to care about getting proper paths to drivers, picking the right endpoint to execute on, merging of reports etc.

Now as you pointed out, you can of course redeclare these instructions by yourself, but also that of course would mean you’d have to maintain the features


Thank you @vsoftic and @smatijas for your quick and clear replies! Appreciated. Greetings!