Invalid license?


Hi. I woke up this morning to the error that my license is invalid or expired. I checked my account page and my account appears to be OK? This was working yesterday. Today I am unable to log in… This is happening on multiple machines… Please assist.


I’m having this same issue. It looks like Webtestit updated a day or two ago, at which time my instance was working just fine. And now I also get the message that my license has expired. Help please…I was planning on spending the day automating!


Is there a support number we can call?


OK So just so I dont get directions to check my firewall settings Here is a description of my morning:

  1. Wake up and see we had automation failures through our jenkins jobs on Thursday night/Friday morning.
  2. VPN into my dev box and see I got logged out of Webtestit overnight. I attempt to log back in. Says I have an invalid license. I change my password thinking its early and maybe I am not typing the right password. I successfully change my password. Attempt to log in with my new password. The same error comes up. Perhaps something is wrong with my dev box. So I log into my webtestit account on the web and check my account. It says my license is active. Attempt to log in to another webtestit on a 2nd machine behind the company’s firewall. Same error. OK maybe something happened to our firewall overnight.
  3. Attempt to log on to webtestit on my local machine which is not behind the company’s firewall. Same error.
  4. Attempt to log on to webtestit on a 4th machine that is a PC on my home network that again is not behind the company’s firewall. Same error.
  5. Getting super frustrated at this point so I ping a coworker who also has a webtestit license. Ask him to use his account to get work done. He changes his password to a generic password and gives me the credentials. I can log in everywhere on the above machines with his account
  6. Please check your license server as it has nothing to do with our environment.


Hey everyone,

the license server works as expected it’s just the licenses of the two of you where either expired or suspended which might in turn be an issue with the Account System with regards to auto-renewals&payments. I’ve pinged both of you per direct message to continue the discussion privately.