Issues with checkboxes


So I am having issues with checkboxes. I ran into this when I was creating a mock test on ebay. Here is essentially my test:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for nintendo and click on search button.
  3. On the results page (which has a separate page object file) I first check the label “nintendo” next to the number 1,025,305 results for Nintendo. That works.
  4. Next I want to click the check box on the left panel next to “Nintendo NES”. That does not work. It times out trying to find that element by XPath.
  5. Next I want to click on the search narrowing “Nintendo NES” in the middle of the page just above the search results. That also times out.

Why the issue with timing out for these particular elements? Thank you!


Hello @micheleaz
Interesting, this probably has something to do with the way the checkboxes are implemented on the eBay website.
If you see in the HTML structure, the real checkbox is hidden, but the SVG of the checkbox is rendered. Also, the whole checkbox is wrapped in a Link (a) tag, meaning the whole thing is a link.

So when you click the “checkbox”, the link is opened, matching the criteria.
The same applies to the “search narrowing “Nintendo NES” in the middle of the page just above the search results”.
Now what you can do is to send a selector from the parent (a class=“cvx…”), the Click handler, by selecting the link the appropriate selector will be shown in the Ranorex Selocity tab and you should be fine:

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