Jenkins-- What kind of job should be created for Webtestit Project?


I am trying to get Jenkins and Webtestit connected and working together however I am missing something in your directions. Under Step 7-- it says this:
In your job add a Execute Windows batch command build step

However, I am on this page and I do not know which one of the following to choose:


Hello @micheleaz :slight_smile:
Yes, we may have skipped this part, but as this is only a “Pick a job build type” step, and it depends on what the user wants to do with this Jenkins job, we did not specify it.
For example the “Freestyle Project” for a general usage can be used with Ranorex Webtestit when there are no special requirements from the user, as well as the “External Job” that you selected, that allows you to record the execution of a process run outside Jenkins, or even on a remote machine. This is designed so that you can use Jenkins as a dashboard of your existing automation system.
Nevertheless, we updated the documentation with some more information and a short video on this topic!
So in order to proceed, here you could just pick a job type that suites you and proceed to the build steps.
Happy testing!