JIRA Integration : Bug report shall be improved



Reporting against Webtestit version 1.1.0

Jira Bug report created through Webtestit failed test case shall be further improved.

  1. Screenshot on failure shall be attached
  2. Test Environment details shall be included (OS, Browser etc)
  3. Test case File name shall be included along with the test name
  4. Full error message with stack-trace available in the report shall be transferred into the Jira issue
  5. Test case from TestRail shall be linked [I am yet to test the TestRail feature :slight_smile: )


Thank you @janesh for your suggestions on improving our Jira bug report with more relevant information, your points make perfect sense. We will discuss this with the team, and put this in our backlog. For the TestRail link we will have a separate discussion.
Kind regards


Hi @smatijas. Thanks for your consideration. Appreciated.