Message in dialog shall be changed to for a single file when Webtestit is quitted with a unsaved file


Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

Message in the dialog shall be changed appropriately when user tries to Quit Webtestit with an unsaved file.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a sample project in WT
  2. Edit an existing Page Object file
  3. Try to Quit WT. Dialog will be opened
  4. Check the message in the dialog

Use of them (plural) at the end of the message does not go with a single file (Singular)


  1. Replace them with it
  2. Remove them to make the message like
    You have 1 unsaved file, do you want to save?

Release notes v0.26.0

Hi @janesh!
Again, nice eye for the details. This is already in our backlog and will be fixed with the upcoming release.