Microsoft Edge - Setting up the WebDriver


WebDriver is now a Feature On Demand (FOD) in Microsoft Edge

Some manual adjustments are required in order to run your tests using the Microsoft Edge endpoint.

Microsoft introduced some recent changes to the Edge browser. WebDriver needs to match the version of Microsoft Edge you’re testing against. Therefore, Windows 10 Redstone 5 made WebDriver a Feature on Demand (FOD) on Edge. Here you can find out more about FODs.

In this manner, it’s possible to run tests locally and automate website testing in the Edge browser with ease.

WebDriver will be automatically updated, in order to match the build/branch/etc., of Windows on your machine.

WebDriver setup instructions

We introduce you three ways to set up the WebDriver:

Note: After installing the Microsoft WebDriver, it is recommended to reboot your PC in order for changes to take effect.


It might happen that you will face some errors during setup, like the following one with the Developer mode method:

In those cases, make sure that you have the following update installed.

Since Microsoft WebDriver is now built into the OS, this implies that the standalone download won’t be available on future stable versions of Windows.

Nevertheless, you can find previous releases (RS4 and down level) available on the Microsoft download page.