Navigating to the different test suite



While running for the particular test suite, the execution is done for the another test suite and after generation of the report, it’s redirected to the other test suite. The report is not generated sometimes as blank report will be seen. The system need to restart for generation of the report.
Kindly look into it and let me know.


Hi @BharathKR,

thank you for reporting the issue!
We might need a bit more information to reproduce it. Could you please also tell us, what operating system you use and in which programming language this issue occurs? And is the the report generated at all or is it generated and blank?
Furthermore, could you also specify what exactly you mean by “test suite” - do you mean the whole project, a folder of test files or a single test file?

Thanks in advance and best regards.


Please find the details below
OS : Windows 10
We are using Protractor with Typescript
The report is generated but is blank.
By test suite, we referred to a single test file( .ts) under ‘test’.

Please let us know if you require more details.