New versions are downloaded without user's knowledge


Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

New version is downloaded without getting an acceptance from the user.


It is better if Webtestit make the user aware about availability of a new version.
Downloading new versions silently in the background may not be accepted by the user. User shall have control over the downloading and installing newer version.


Hi @janesh,

thanks for the feedback. The essential reason why we’re doing that is that we want to make sure everyone is always on the latest version available. We’re following a similar approach to other tools like Skype, Spotify, even VSCode on Win/Mac, or the likes. The reason for that is that by doing so we reduce heavily the necessity of keeping backwards compatible services, samples and license checks.

This is also the reason why a few versions ago, when you started Ranorex Webtestit, you would get a blocking screen, telling you that it automatically downloads the new version before you can start working. Additionally you’ve been force to do a restart immediately. Now with this new approach we at least try to give the users the chance to control the timing when they actually want to perform the restart, so that they are not disrupted with their work.

We’ve discussed this internally for quite a while and certainly do understand that it’s potentially a bit of second-guessing the users behavior but found that, given a lot of modern apps are going the same approach, this should be an acceptable approach.


Hi @vsoftic
Thanks and appreciate the detailed explanation.


Hi @vsoftic
How about prompting the user to restart Webtestit to completed the installation once the download is completed?

It was possible to close Webtestit when download was in progress.
User shall be informed/warned when Webtestit is closed while download is in progress.