Opening java test file after launch of webtestit yields blank file



Hi. I have noticed with this latest upgrade, (1.5.1) when I open the product and double click on one of my files (in tests subfolder) and want to continue working on a test file, 9 times out of every 10 launches, I get a blank screen. I see the java file tab at the top of my screen, but there is nothing in the file and it is completely blank. I have to open a second file, close the first one and reopen the original one to get anything to show up. I am not sure why it is doing this but it is super irritating and have had to open the *.java test file externally to get it work. I am on Windows 10 enterprise-- Dell with 32 gigs of ram and a SSD HD so it isn’t the computer. The files open right up in an outside program such as eclipse or IntelliJ…

Release notes v1.6.0

Hi @micheleaz!
With version 1.5.1 in Java projects, Webtestit is automatically installing maven dependencies that are needed to run the tests. This is happening right after project opening, (and not when the test is being executed as in previous versions), and it takes a few moments in which page object and test files and test runs are not accessible. Maybe then you are getting the “black screen” ?
You can see the progress in the log panel and in the status bar.
After the dependency check/install is complete, you are able to resume your work.
We already have some improvements for this situations in our backlog, and all in order to improve the test execution speed.


Hi @smatijas
I did notice that the maven dependencies are compiling when I open Webtestit. However, I do let this finish before I try to open one of my files. So I do not believe that I am opening while the maven dependencies are being compiled unless it is doing something AFTER the progress appears to be complete.


@micheleaz Thank you for the update.
Could you just tell us please if only Java projects are affected, or both Java and Typescript projects.
We have identified some small issues regarding the language server not starting properly in some cases, resulting in the same behaviour that you described, and already added a fix for that. This will be integrated with the next release.


Hello @smatijas Our projects are only written in Java.



Hi @micheleaz
With the new v1.6.0 version of Ranorex Webtestit, this issue should be resolved.


Thank you! @smatijas