Order of the keys in shortcuts shall be consistent throughout the system



Reporting against Webtestit version 0.24.0

Order of the shortcut keys need to be consistent across the system

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Webtestit

  2. Open Keyboard shortcuts window. Help --> Keyboard shortcuts

  3. Set the Default Keyset to IntelliJ IDEA image

  4. Check the shortcut for New Project

  5. Check menu File and note the shortcut for New Project image

Order of the keys shall be consistent.


Yes, the order of the shortcut keys in the menu and the shortcut dialog seems to be a bit different. It is not a top priority, nevertheless, we will of course take a look at this.
Thanks again for the detailed info, and all the stuff that you are able to spot and point out to us!


fixed with the v 0.25.0 release! Key order is now matched according to MacOS standards

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