Preference Dialog : Feature requests



Reporting against WT 1.1.0

  1. User should be able to browse and select a path as the Default Base Path in the preference dialog. Also user should be able to select other folders (e.g Page Object Folder, Test Folder etc too)

  1. User should be able to Reset the settings in the preference dialog

  2. Save and Close button should be enabled when there is a change to the settings

  3. There should be an Apply button to view the changes as user is still in the preference dialog. Useful when use change the theme.

  4. GitHub and Jenkins settings shall be configurable through the Preference dialog


Hey @janesh,

thanks for the feedback. As for no1, we already have a story exactly for that in the backlog and are already working for it. The other points you noted also do sound good, so we’ll evaluate them.


Hi @vsoftic
Thanks for your reply and considering the feature requests.


Hi @vsoftic
Few more requests to the preference window

  1. Fold/unfold shall be available to the Global Settings menu too. It is possible to fold/unfold the Apps & Integrations menu

  2. Icon is not available for Apps & Integrations menu. There is an icon against Global Settings and Project Settings menus

  3. It is not possible to enlarge/resize the preference window. It is not possible to see the labels fully in the default size.
    – Window width shall be adjusted to show the entire label or
    – Label length shall be shorten to fit to the current width or
    – User should be able to resize the dialog window to view entire label

  1. Password and sensitive information shall be masked