Question about XML reports lack of data on the CLI


We are having an issue with CLI reporting. Basically, we assumed that the XML report would be identical when we ran a set of tests through the UI as when we ran it on the CLI. It appears as if we don’t get the same XML data when we run the set of tests through the UI. In fact we get a lot more data back in the XML report within the client than we do when we click on the XML externally to Webtestit. Why is this?


Hi @micheleaz!
That is strange, the reports should be the same, or of course differ if the test fails in cli run and succeeds in the GUI mode run.
I could not reproduce the issue that you faced, maybe you could send me the two different reports from the same test run (cli and ui mode) on [email protected] so that we can take a look if there is something behind it.